Monday, July 19, 2010

Okay, I will, I will

'They' tell me that if I want to be a writer, then I have to write. Where to start? Do you really care that I'm tired, worn out and don't even feel like writing. But I write anyway because I've made a commitment to myself to do this.

So here I am, sitting with a laptop, not on my lap, but over my thighs, because I'm stretched out here on this twin size bed. It's not even my bed. It is here for me to use while I do my volunteer nurse time at a summer camp. Funny thing, several years ago, I was looking at ways to do summer camp nursing, and never made it happen. Then three years ago, when I wasn't even entertaining the thought any longer, this summer camp proposal comes to me. It was three more years before the whole connection dawned on me. It's fun and I think my friends envy me doing this. Some of them even say, "Oh, that's no nice, I'd like to do something like that." They don't.

Then my son is surprised that I'm going onto our 'social networking' site. I guess since I'm out in the woods, peaceful, quiet, relaxing, he thinks I'm cut off from the rest of the world. Not me. I cut myself off when I choose. Often day after day after day.

My goal really, for this week, is to find some time to swim laps in the pool here, NOT when the pool is full of little wonderful laughing, noisy children. I think I may have found the solution tonight at dinner. 'turns out the lifeguard is the same nice guy whose leg I saved last year after he had several spider bites. They became infected, I sent him to the local hospital. He reminded me of that tonight at dinner and THEN we talked about swimming.

So tomorrow, Tuesday, 5:30 pm, I may just find myself swimming a few laps before dinner. Tune in to find out

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