Friday, July 23, 2010

I Wish I Wasn't So Hungry...

Once upon a time, a European wing-ged creature settled here, first detected in 2009. Not stopped, this little European grape moth causes rot. Big problem here in wine country.

Tonight - beautiful evening, sitting and reading on the porch as the sun settled down, moving aside to make way for the growing moon, almost to its fullest. I walk in-doors, relaxing with a little chemical romance. And here I sit, a little high on my throne, thinking back to another day, another time and another European wing-ged creature.

The one I'm thinking of now is the one who flies across whole continents and oceans in a steel carriage, walks upright. He quickly sweeps beneath and carries you away off your feet.

He was here and then he was gone. Away. Near. Now. Far Away.

One part of me feels as if I never really met him, and the other feels as if we've never been apart.

For the peace and joy of it, I'll take the second part. Part 2. Better than the very first and never at the end. Beginnings come early and often. There's always another chance to begin, and to keep beginning.

A never-ending story.

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