Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's a Perfect World

Thank goodness for the differences in people. I learn so much about my own self by observing how others do the similar job I might be doing, how they talk with others and how we interact. Someone who always has to be first and in charge, is not me. I know I am capable of amazing feats, every day miracles, and knowing that gives me the freedom to just do it, without proclaiming to everyone that I can do it. They just see me do it. They want to praise me. For what? Doing what comes naturally? It wasn't always natural. There were plenty of barriers for me to get through, self-made ones, too. That's another post, I think.

Back to the differences in people. It gives me great pause to go to that zen-like center of myself, take a quiet breath when I'm feeling like yelling, be-little-ing or criticizing. I can't know what is going on is someone else's mind, why they do what they do. I only can learn, and know what I do and what I think.

Life to me is not about perfection, we're all perfect to begin with.

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P R said...

Wow! That is great. I am so happy to see this prompt initiative and free flowing of thoughts. Well, keep us posted. We look forward to read your posts, catharsis, expression, point of views...whatever it should be called or means to you. Idea is that YOU enjoy it:) Good luck.