Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You Can't be Too Safe...

For some reason, I enjoy starting my trips out of town on the local bus to the ferry to the airport.  So this afternoon, I did just that.  Just as I was seeing the #10 bus arrive (my bus), I realized (by reading the sign on the pole) that it wasn't MY bus.  Because... a while back, the local transit district had a facelift.  Oh, yes, I skimmed the story in the paper.  But I wasn't taking the bus then, so the details eluded me.  Hence, my not knowing the #10 doesn't go to the ferry anymore!  But, ah, the #11 does, and it was just another 1/2 hour wait.  Just long enough to walk into the Kentucky Fried Chicken right behind me for 3 chicken strips.  Cooked fresh, just for me.

So _____ called, popped over to say goodbye, brought her one-hitter and also hit me up for one of those chicken strips.  Of course.  Sure, I'll share my chicken, she shared her one-hitter.  After all, I'm on my way to the airport, going on a long trip.  Who knows when I'll see that bit of herb again?  'made for a relaxed and entertaining trip.

When the ferry floated up to the Ferry Building, we were in for a treat.  While waiting for the ferry, I read an article about the new lights on the new edition of the Bay Bridge.  Wow!  Amazing - a real light show.

I get to the airport, here I am standing in line, of course, another line, to the ticket counter.  'surrounded by travelers with huge boxes and assorted packages of belongings and gifts I am pretty sure they are 'taking home' to their families.  I'm on China Airlines, pretty easy generalization.  I watch this 79-year old looking man, maybe 5'6", 180#, pushing one of those airport luggage carts to the counter piled with high three giant suitcases.  Then he leaves the cart at the counter, lithely sprints back to where he left something, and comes walking back to the counter - with his walker!

Since the last time I traveled out of country, a new step in the anti-terrorist plot has taken hold.  Now they swipe our hands 'for chemicals'.  I asked, "what chemicals", and the young TSA woman told me, almost in a whisper, 'for explosives'.  REALLY???  I could feel my good mood slipping away.  But no, there was more.

Then they had to test my knee brace for chemicals and have me patted down.  I swear, REAALLY???  The nice lady behind me said, "Well, I guess you can't be too safe."  So lest I lose my excitement, I found the bar, had a double shot of JD, some fruit, a few crackers and cheese and I was on my merry way.

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Mollie said...

Good writing, mom.