Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Six Handy Helpers on Holiday

1. Keep My Ear Plugs Handy
Always carry a few tiny packs of little foam ear-plugs, the mold to the ear ones.  Now that’s what I call an earplug. They’re like having a few million extra Thai Baht.

2. When Possible, Take Advantage of My Very Own Bidet.
Oh, not the fancy ones that you install in a bathroom that look like a second fancy toilet.  The ones that are really, just a long kitchen sink squeeze faucet, usually white, hanging in a little holder on the wall next to the toilet.   Nice, fresh cool water, just where you like it!

3. On a Long Trip, Don’t Be Afraid to Use My Electronics
Ipad, Iphone or Laptop.  Write easily with a full keyboard, upload photos as I go along.  A three week trip without a laptop is one thing, three months is another.  Turn off the phone when not in use, save the battery and the data plan.  Use In-Country SIM cards.   If  I don’t know how to use something in my room, ask.  If it looks like a radio, it might be a radio – and a whole lot more!

4.  Always Have My Sleep Sack with Me.
Silk, the color of a beautiful gray-green ocean day.  Like a little sleeping bag, only silk.  Use is as a cover on top of a bed, or getting into it inside the sheets, too.  As a shawl in a pinch. 

5.  Thai Massage?
            Take it.  And another and another and another….

6. Biggest Rule of All.
Pack like Jack Reacher.  I’m not there yet.  Not at all.  I’m working on it.  You wouldn’t know it to look at my stuff.


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