Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dinner Dancing

The evening ends, brightly blooming into night. Exhausted, excited all scrunched up. How can we be so tired and have so much to say and have so little energy left for which to wrap up? Life is a million moments racing through our day.

Loving tunes young women and old sing out with every sweet breath as they sigh at the full moon. The moon. I belongs to every set of eyes in the universe. You. Me. Her. Him. Them. Us. Pain eats at me when I think of the simplicity of it all. And how terribly sad it is that so many don't see it. I understand love. And peace. And I understand when it's missing from our life, and the world that wraps us up in it.

Hoping. and running. laying and rolling. skipping. riding. loving. love-ing. loving with every bit of your heart. comes so naturally. to me. to you.

Thoughts fleeing. write about work. write about life. write about love. write about broken hearts. broken dreams. rainbows. a cool river in the heat of the day. a tire-swing rolling out across the rippling coolness and dropping me right into the current.

Fear, longing, anticipation. Joy. Love. Excitement. Happiness. wet. dry. sober. drunk. high. alive. alive. alive. alove. a-love. alone.

Painful. Again. Why? Why not? travel to foreign lands. Afghanistan. Thailand. Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina. Cuba. philippines. Coventry. Adana. Liege. NYC. Aspen. Perth. seaside, mountain streams, snow covered peaks.

laying my head down for the dreams I never know.

The nothing. the whole ball of wax.

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